Hypnotist.   Comedian.  Author.  Irrepressible Creative.  Renaissance Broad.

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About me

Dedicated to making others feel good about themselves for an hour or a lifetime, Traci Kanaan is one of the most unusal people you'll ever meet.  As a Hypnotist, Traci helps others get past the blocks that are holding them back and guides them into living their best life.  As a Comedian, Traci's musical comedy is a reflection on the frustrations she's encountered in her life, using laughter as the best way to over come them.  As an author, Traci put her 3 years of being single to great use, writing about all the stupid things that happened to her while she was dating.  She remained true to herself, and did find love with her current partner, Doug, in 2018.  As an edu-tainer for Swingers, Traci put together everything she learned over the 10 years she performed comedy for swingers and nudists into a fun online course for those who wish to get into swinging, or those who wish to know more about it.  She calls herself a Renaissance Broad, because she's always exploring herself and the world around her in new ways, and does so in bold and daring fashion that is uniquely her own.

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